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Centre Street Baptist Church

Provide skills, training and hope this Christmas by supporting Faith + Work initiatives.

What is Faith + Work Initiatives? 


Faith + Work Initiatives involves fostering new enterprises, training partners to engage in a business context, linking business people, investing and supporting strategically in people and places as we seek to integrate faith and work.  As followers of Jesus, our work matters to God and has eternal Kingdom value.  Our work is a gift that provides us with an opportunity to participate in God's redemptive work in our communities and our world.   

How will your raised funds be used? 


Funds will be used to provide seed grants (early-stage funding) to new start-up initiatives, so that participants can learn new skills for business or farmers can learn how to use new technology on how to grow organic rice.  These seed funds provide new businesses with working capital to buy needed equipment or materials, rent space, and pay salaries until the business activities can become self-sufficient.  Funds will also be used to provide business training for individuals interested in learning more about small business and entrepreneurship.

What’s being done to help? 


CBM partners with Kabuganaan Philippines Ministries (KPM) and the Capiznon Association of Baptist Churches to fund projects such as the Bugana Livelihood Center and Food for Life, providing long-term support for poor and marginalized communities.  The Center is transforming lives by developing sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities for vulnerable women and out-of-school youth from poor communities in Roxas City.  Hands-on training is also provided to produce high quality handmade artisanal products which are sold in store and online, as well as small business training for budding entrepreneurs.

Finding Purpose in Faith and Work  

Ezekiel comes from a poor family on a remote island off the coast of Capiz province in the Philippines.  Due to the lack of educational options in his hometown, he and his two brothers were forced to leave home and move to Roxas city to attend school.  However, Ezekiel had to withdraw from university due to a lack of financial support, which left him feeling hopeless and depressed.   

Ezekiel was introduced to the Bugana Livelihood Center by CBM field staff Michael Waddell, where he now serves as the Operations Officer.  He receives a small wage for his work designing labels and product packaging and is also helping to facilitate the daily operations, which helps him and his brothers with their living expenses.  He also receives training in graphic design and business, and is being mentored by experienced businessmen.   

According to Ezekiel,

It inspires me and gives me hope, and my number one passion is to be involved in a ministry like this.  This could help me reach those people who are struggling financially like I was, and to encourage them to not give up.  I hope that this kind of ministry could help people and could reach more people who need help, not just in their livelihood, but also to show them how Jesus loves them so much.” 

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